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Welcome to the Valheim server list. Find all the best multiplayer servers for Valheim. Valheim is a game about exploring a large fantasy area inspired by Norse mythology and Viking culture. You start your mission at the relatively tranquil center of Valheim. The further from the center you walk, the more intricate the world gets.

Server Name Address Players Status Country Valheim Version Map
SquadFam 0/64 Online United States SquadFam
Sleipnir 0/10 Online United States
cboys-Valheim 0/64 Online Canada cboys-Valheim
frankiesadventure 0/64 Online Australia frankiesadventure
MiddleEarthBC 0/64 Online Australia MiddleEarthBC
Iiluvmemo's Server - By 0/64 Online United States Iiluvmemo's Server - By Pingper
My Valhem server 0/64 Online Australia My Valhem server
Its A Rock 0/25 Online United States Its A Rock - Valheim 0/10 Online Australia
Vanir Trading Company 0/64 Online United States Vanir Trading Company
GateToValhalla 0/64 Online United States GateToValhalla
Magnolia Server 0/20 Online Greece Magnolia Server
[USA] Doltheim 0/64 Online United States Doltheim
Nordica 0/64 Online United States Nordica
Toto Community Server 0/64 Online United Kingdom Toto Community Server
INANetworks.CL Nuevo Servidor 0/64 Online United States INANetworks.CL Nuevo Servidor
Donk Three Amigos 0/5 Online United Kingdom Donk Three Amigos
wenches_and_mead 0/64 Online Australia wenches_and_mead
Razor Realm 0/64 Online Australia Razor Realm
Saint Nics server 0/64 Online United States Saint Nics server
katjump 1/64 Online Brazil katjump
Valheim Server 0/64 Online United States Valheim Server
Decicated 0/10 Online United Kingdom Decicated
Chrisberry 0/64 Online United States Chrisberry
Last Kingdom 0/64 Online United States Last Kingdom

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